About Lingholic

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Have you been disillusioned by language courses at school? Have you told yourself or did others tell you that you were not "talented" at languages? Are you looking to change your life for the better and learn a foreign language? Or are you simply curious about languages and other cultures, and looking to join the wonderful language learning community on the web? You're in the right place!

A bit of history

Lingholic was founded in late 2012 out of a desire to tighten the community of language learners and polyglots that are scattered on YouTube and all over the web. It was created as a community hub to provide information, experiences and opinions on language learning from a wide range of perspectives. The language community's experiences are used to make your life easier and to give you a greater understanding of how foreign language acquisition works.  There's no magic; people who speak 10+ languages are not magicians, freaks, or geniuses that were born with the "language gene." They are simply great, extremely passionate people!


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Lastly, if you're at a lost as to how to start learning a language, check out the Reviews page that list some of the best available textbook resources on the market, with all the pros and cons for each method listed along with screenshots and recordings samples. And of course, don't forget to grab your free copy of Lingholic's (totally awesome) e-book on the three best kept secrets to reaching fluency in a foreign language.

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