Another word for important

Another Word For Important

The following is a collection of alternative words for important, aimed to broaden your English vocabulary. The words are split into categories: simple and advanced. Get to know another word for Important!


The More Common Alternatives For Important


  • “It is essential that he meets the deadline this week”.
  • If something is essential, it is needed. It is essential that a car should have a steering wheel, for example.



  • “He has a big meeting today”.
  • Relevant to size (a big man, for example) this word when applied to situations makes them important.



  • “Water is a major part of our planet”.
  • Like big, this world can also relate to big size. A major in an army is an important person, and a major event is therefore an important event.



  • “Hunting is a vital part of a lion’s life”.
  • If something is vital, you cannot live without it. When applied to situations, it adds extreme importance.





  • “The key nurse during the war was Florence Nightingale”.
  • Think of a key (noun) unlocking a door – this makes the key important. Apply it to people and situations, it means the same thing.



  • “The main man is the president”.
  • If something is the main of anything, it stands out above everything else and is the most important. The main street of a town, for example, is the most important street.


Raising Your Game: Advanced Synonyms

Using these words in day-to-day life will surely impress. They all mean exactly the same as important, only not everyone uses them or knows what they mean.



  • “It is absolutely imperative that you awake before dawn”.
  • If an order is imperative, it is a command – not an option to be debated with. An army command, for example, is imperative, and therefore cannot be ignored.



  • “Christianity is paramount in Europe”.
  • Meaning to be above everything else. Think of a highest mountain – this mountain is paramount.



  • “WWII was a momentous occasion in history”.
  • This word relates to things on a huge scale. A momentous moment can change everything and can be used in regards to negative things, like war, and positive things, like a celebration.




  • “There were many salient moments before the election”.
  • Relating to mathematics and the points of a triangle which stick out, when applied to anything else, this word makes things stand or stick out.



  • “The chief command was a strange command”.
  • Again, like major, this army-related word creates importance. A chief in an army is an important leader, and so when something is chief, it is above many other things in regards to importance.



  • “Patience is a cardinal quality in being peaceful”.
  • This word is related to the church – a cardinal (person) is an important figure within the church, and so when this person gives an order, the order becomes cardinal (adjective) and therefore important.

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