Another Word For Learning

You will find here a bunch of useful choices for the word learning, split into two groups: simple and advanced.

The More Common and Easier Words



  • “The boy’s education is outstanding”.

To put it simply, education is the skills earned through a school, for example. If you attend a school or any learning institution, listen to a lecturer, watch a documentary, you are being educated.



  • “The poor boy received no schooling”.
  • Just like education above, this word comes from the word school, meaning by attending a school, you are receiving schooling. The word doesn’t just relate to schools, however – you can receive schooling from any area, person or thing from which you learn.



  • “I got extra maths tuition because I needed it”.
  • This word relates to ‘tutor’ – another word for a teacher. To learn from a tutor or teacher, is to receive tuition, and therefore learning.



  • “He has a vast knowledge on the ways of the world”.
  • To put it very simply, to have knowledge is to know something, and in order to know something, you must have learning.


TrainingAnother word for learning

  • “I did lots of extra training to prepare myself for the final”.
  • This word can be used outside the context of learning. To train is to work hard at something to improve. In regards to learning, a maths tutor will train you in order to improve your mathematics.



  • “I signed up for the extra instruction”.
  • An instruction is an order. For example, if your teacher asks you to do something, it’s an instruction. In regards to learning, instruction is the teachings or orders of a tutor.


Moving Up A Gear: Advanced Synonyms

These words are a bit more uncommon and are guaranteed to extend your English language vocabulary.



  • “The man has lots of wisdom”.

Picture a wise old man with a big white beard, all-knowing, very smart. To be wise is to be very smart, and so wisdom is the quality of knowing much.



  • “I have never seen such great intellect in a person”.

An intellectual is a very smart person – a person which great intellect. The word intellect relates to the quality of a person’s thinking. Albert Einstein, for example, is an intellectual, and he therefore has great intellect.




  • “The progress was a result of enlightenment”.

To enlighten is to make something brighter – the sun enlightens Earth, for example. When applied to learning, to make something brighter or to enlighten it is to make it smarter.






  • “Thanks to the teacher’s great pedantry the class learned a lot”.

First of all, a pedant is another word for a teacher. In fact, pedant is the old Latin word for a teacher, meaning pedantry is the quality of somebody’s teaching.

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