Another word for Method

Another Word for Method

If you don´t know another word for Method you’re in the right place. Placed into two separate categories – common and advanced – here are a load of useful alternatives for the word method.


Common Words For Method


  • “In what way will you do the painting?”

Way can relate to a direction – I am going the left way, for example – but it can also mean a way in which you do something.



  • “The technique which the artist used is very unique”.

This word has perhaps the closest meaning to method than any other. A technique is a way in which you create something. You can have great technique, and you can lack technique.



  • “The form the painting has taken is amazing”.

This word has a range of meanings. It suggests a physical shape – a rugby ball is formed like an egg, for example. In writing, form relates to structure – the form of a sonnet, for example.



  • “She talked about the painting in a pleasant manner”.

The word ‘manners’ relates to a set of ways in which people might act. Manner, therefore, is the singular form of the word, but it can be applied not only to people but also inhuman and inanimate objects.



  • “Nobody has seen a work of art in this style before”.

You can have style, in the sense that you can be ‘cool’. In a wider sense, style is the unique way in which something is done.



  • “The design is wonderful, but how can one person alone design something so great?”

As a noun, a design is a creation, like a design for a book cover. As a verb, design is the act of creation.





  • “It must have taken years to plan this”.

Similar to design, this word relates to the act of creating a thing. To “plan for your future”, is a common expression, for example.



  • “What tactics do your propose for this task?”
  • A tactic is a plan of action, like a battle tactic, meaning how you are going to fight.



  • “There are no rules within this work of art”.

A rule is something which you must abide by. It is something fixed which should not be broken, and to follow a rule can be the same as following a method.


Going Beyond: More Advanced Synonyms

If you want words which not many people use, these words are guaranteed to impress.



  • “His approach to the artwork is very intelligent”.

This word is closely linked to physical movement – to approach someone or something is to walk towards it. To mentally approach something, however, means the method brought to a thing.






  • “There are some rubric infringements in your essay”.

Similar to rule, a rubric is a set of instructions which should be adhered to, and when adhered to creates a method.



  • “The formula used in the experiment is all wrong”.

Related mainly to science, a formula is a scientific plan, which, when put in action should create successful results.



  • “The composition behind the symphony is very intricate”.

Related mainly to music, composition means the building of a thing. A house is composed of bricks, for example.

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