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Welcome to the another word for Category! Hier we provide you with the best synonyms related to some common and most used words.

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If you’re here, that’s because you like to read, write and you’re curious about words or maybe that is not the case. Probably,you´re writing an e-mail, an important letter, an important paper your English assessment test or something of great interest for your blog.

Be it for pleasure, entertainment, fun or obligation, sometimes we all get to a point where words are not enough or simply keep on being the same over and over.

To provide the best of your work, you need to bestow as many words as you can, therefore the urgency to search for other alternatives. Here is the best place.
The following is a collection of synonyms for the words Avoid, Method, Learning, Important, and Proficient, simple, advanced and some idioms, which will surely extend your English Vocabulary.



Lets start with the word avoid. Did you know there are ten synonyms for the word avoid, equally divided into five straightforward and five more advanced ones? If you didn´t, check out our article and soon you´ll be  aware that there are many possibilities to use this word without repeating yourself over and over again.



If you can´t remember another word for method, let me tell you that just like in the previous word “avoid” many options were given, this is no exception. Check out our article about the many possibilities to use this word. Here you can have access to the most current words for it. However, if you’re looking for words which most people do not use, they will be there as well, at your disposal, just have a look and figure out which one fits your needs better.



Proficient is another word to which we’ve dedicated some time, finding out the most common equivalents as well as the most difficult words for it. If you’re learning English, this is the best place for you to enrich your vocabulary as we present you some idioms with this word as well.



If you think it’s relevant to have a wide range of vocabulary , regardless your job, what about learning more about the word important? What are the other words that you can use with the same meaning? Here we give you as many options as you need for you to avoid repeating yourself.



We´re always learning, right? So why not learn more about the word learning? Here you’ll find out a bunch of useful choices for the word learning, split into two groups: simple and advanced.

No matter the word you’re looking for, and the synonyms you want to use this is the perfect situation for you to extend your English language vocabulary.

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