Benefits of Learning a Language

Many people want to become polyglots and speak as many languages as they can. Do you know why? Find out more about the benefits of learning a language.

benefits of learning languages

4 Awesome Benefits of Learning Languages

Hola Language Lovers! Those of us who enjoy languages know full well why we end up taking classes, studying courses […]

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language will change your life

10 Ways Learning a Language Will Change Your Life

Over 12 years ago, Benny Lewis made the fateful decision to start learning Spanish while spending time in Valencia, Spain. […]

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learning languages brain

People Who Learn Foreign Languages Have Bigger Brains, Here’s Why:

Would you like a bigger brain? It seems that language teachers are the people with all the answers… If you […]

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second language career prospects

Improve now your career prospects through language with these fantastic 5 reasons

On the blog today we have a post from Billy who hails from GoBillyKorean, a website that helps you learn Korean […]

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Top Ten Best Proverbs About Language Learning

  An often heard saying is that proverbs are the flowers of popular wit and the treasures of popular wisdom. […]

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