Mind Blowing Curiosities about Languages of the World

There are many interesting facts about languages.Here you can find the most interesting curiosities about languages of the world.

The Twelve Stages to Learning a Foreign Language

1. Dream Before you even get started, you imagine yourself speaking the language flawlessly with natives, impressing everyone around you. […]

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10 Words That Mean Something Totally Different in the UK Than in the US

Words change meaning over time, and here below you’ll find 10 words that have vastly different meanings in the UK […]

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Brands and Logos: How They Appear Around The World

Have you ever wondered how some of the brands and logos you’re most familiar with look like around the world? […]

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Can English Speakers Learn Languages?

Today we have a guest post and an interview featuring Steve Kaufmann, a well known polyglot and former Canadian diplomat with amazing […]

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