Improve your Memory

Are you learning a new language? Are you struggling with how to remember words? Find out here our best tips to improve your memory.

How Many Words Can You Memorize A Day?

Eric is a beginner language learner eager to learn French. He knows that fluency in la langue de Molière will boost […]

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How to Remember Words When Learning a Language

“How can I remember words?” “How can I memorize new vocabulary and make it stick in my long-term memory?”   […]

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So… Keep This In Mind If You’re Serious About Memory

So, that’s it friends! We’ve gone through 12 amazing tips to improve your memory, and believe me, perfecting any single […]

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Memory Tip #12: Divide Your Time In Short Bursts Of Study

This is the twelfth and last tip on my “Twelve Awesome Ways To Drastically Improve Your Memory” series. If you’ve […]

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Memory Tip #11: Learn Through Music

Song is the ultimate structuring device for language. In fact, if you’ve ever learned musical theory, or learned to play […]

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