Improve your Memory

Are you learning a new language? Are you struggling with how to remember words? Find out here our best tips to improve your memory.

Exercise and eat healthy

Memory Tip #10: Eat Healthily And Exercise To Keep Your Mind Sharp

You’ve probably heard the truism “healthy body, healthy mind” before. Sounds familiar, right? Well, the thing is, just as with […]

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Memory Tip 9

MemoryTip #9: Get The [Language] On Your Tongue; Read Loudly, Repeat The Sounds

The place where the majority of us did most of our formal learning is school. Here, I want you to […]

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making associations memory

Memory Tip #8: Make Associations And Analogies; Connect Newly Acquired Information With Stuff You Already Know

“Creativity is, in a sense, future memory.” Tony Buzan Mnemosyne, the personification of memory in Greek mythology, was the daughter […]

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Memory tip #7

Memory Tip #7: Deal with Material That You Can Understand For The Most Part

When we learn new information, not only do we have to repeat and review it in order to remember it […]

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how to remember things

Memory Tip #6: Repeat, Repeat, and Review

If you’ve read the previous tips on memory I’ve given so far, I hope you understand by now that rote […]

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