Greatly Appreciated? By who?

I would greatly appreciate if you could pay attention to this text. Do you ever question yourself if you are […]

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philippines tagalog learn

Learn Tagalog Language – It´s Inspiring

Do you want to make a good first impression? Either you’re planning a trip to the Philippines, will be meeting […]

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is japanese hard to learn

Is Japanese hard to learn? A checklist of do’s and do not’s

  Is Japanese hard to learn … not of all? But, If you think so, then you’d better not read this […]

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cool french words

Cool French Words – 10 Drôle words in French

  It´s time to learn some cool french words! Read our list and suggest some drôle words! Each language and person […]

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Interpreter Jobs: The best 7 interpreter job descriptions

The last one hundred years have been a period of mass globalisation. There has been an increasing need for cultural […]

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