Learning Chinese

Learning Chinese might seem frightening. But here we tell you how to face the characters and tones of this language and learn it the easiest way.

Learning Chinese and from scratch

Learning Chinese Online for Free and From Scratch: The Ultimate Guide

Chinese is the most spoken language in the world. According to Ethnologue, about 1.3 billion people are — if we […]

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Learn Chinese in 5 minutes

Have you ever heard someone say  “it’s almost impossible to learn Chinese” or “Chinese is too hard, I can’t learn […]

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8 Ways to Dramatically Accelerate Your Chinese Learning

When I first started learning Chinese in 2009, I followed the “traditional” language learning route. I went to classes, took […]

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Mandarin or Cantonese? Just what do I study?

If you’ve made a decision to learn Chinese, the next big question is whether to learn Cantonese or Mandarin Chinese. […]

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The 10 Top Ways to Learn Mandarin Chinese

Want to learn Chinese.…? Just where do I start? So, you want to learn Mandarin Chinese? Really get to grips […]

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