The best Strategies and Techniques to Learn a Language

Everyone has different styles and paces of learning and perceiving, however, there are some common tricks and techniques to learn a Language

Overwhelmed While Learning a Language? Time to Get Back to Basics

Have you ever felt overwhelmed while learning a language? Maybe you’ve decided which language you want to learn, are excited […]

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The Top Five FREE Tools to Help You Learn a Foreign Language

There is no need to tell you the benefits of learning a new language and what you can achieve if […]

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5 Winning Strategies to Build a Successful Language Learning Routine

Learning a language is a long, and difficult process – I should know, I’ve been teaching English to foreign students […]

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facebook language learning

How to Turn Your Facebook Feed Into a Language Learning Machine

Have you ever wondered how much time you spent per day on Facebook? Did you ever say to yourself: I will […]

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6 Memory Strategies To Supercharge Your Learning

Today we have a fantastic post from memory specialist Bartosz Czekala. Bartosz is a Computer Science and Econometrics graduate and he’s learned […]

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