The best Strategies and Techniques to Learn a Language

Everyone has different styles and paces of learning and perceiving, however, there are some common tricks and techniques to learn a Language

tips for learning a new language

Fast and Free: Top Tips for Learning a New Language

Learning a new language is an added skill for a person of any age, especially young students who can implement […]

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10 Steps to Language Learning Success

It is no secret that learning a foreign language takes a lot of practice and work, but when you follow […]

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how to practice language

7 Unorthodox Ways to Practice a Foreign Language

This is a guest post written by Josh Gibbs of SwiftlyLearnChinese is a site that helps people learn Chinese […]

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how to be confident speaking another language

7 Parlor Tricks You Can Use Today to Be More Confident Speaking a Foreign Language

Hello all! Today we have a guest post from Cher Hale, who recently started her superb blog “The Iceberg Project.” […]

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The SECRET to Successfully Learning a Foreign Language

Today I will divulge, exclusively to you, my dear readers, what I consider to be the best-kept secret of polyglots […]

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