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Cool French Words – 10 Drôle words in French



It´s time to learn some cool french words! Read our list and suggest some drôle words!

Each language and person have their own lexicon. Non-native language learners use for example dictionaries, while learning vocabulary and acquiring grammar knowledge from a given language, for they are a form of structured listing, in alphabetical order of the lexicon.

We must consider that each language has great flexibility on wording a very specific content in normal life or even an object. For language learners it is quite delightful to learn specific terms or expressions used in day-to-day life.

This can be quite fun because they’re might be words, terms and expressions for concepts that we’ve never imagined. Usually we pick up on faster on words that are less formal, dynamic but we are always turned into learning and using them as part of our own individual lexicon.

The joy of it can come from different reasons… The intonation given to a specific expression or word that is quite different that sticks. Or even simply how it is said considering the particular meaning or maybe you just laugh because it makes absolute no sense if you do a literate translation.

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French itself is a very good language to transmit attitude and expressing feelings. Different strong sounding expressions and terms will help you on the process of acquiring a language and speak it less like a foreign learner for it gives you intimate knowledge on how to behave socially. French slang isn’t an exact science, many times it just describes a current mood.

When you get abroad you will want to speak fluently like the native speakers or even those French movie stars speaking so glamorously on television. Not only can it be quite useful on study methods for learning French grammar rules, common words and phrases but also for basic communication and extensive lists of French vocabulary for everyday use. So it will help you sound more natural with the natives.

Applying the words in the right context can be quite tricky. They belong more to the oral language rather than the written one, for they are again specific terms for specific informal moments. Many times the concept of a word in a specific expression can change it from colloquial to slang, and this shows how a very sudden metamorphosis on etymology can occur in any language really. For example the French have picked up the habit of generalizing the use of quoi to punctuate the ends of sentences only for slight emphasis or summary.

So unless you want to “Parler comme une vache espagnole”( to speak as a Spanish cow), this is how usually are described someone’s lack of foreign language skills, and it’s not a nice way to say it, I advise you to read the top words/ expressions found online.

By others words acquiring specific vocabulary on slang, jargon and argot will help you when it comes to learn a lot from their own culture and how they portray the reality around them.


French is descended from Latin as it happens Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and others Romance languages. French has evolved from Gallo-Romance, the spoken Latin in Gaul, and more specifically in Northern Gaul. Francien French is now what largely supplanted although with controversy.

cool french words


Cool French words / DRÔLE WORDS

  1. C’est drôle! – The translation of the expression is “Its fun.” or “Funny!” (Yes I made you read all to find out the meaning of the title).
  2. Je m’en fous! – This would be a term to express lack of concern, translated: “I don’t give a damn!” or really a very direct way to say “I don’t care.” or “I could care less.” Perhaps some expression with the F-word. Great to show attitude, or to express struggling things off. You can also transform it into a question when you friend seems confuse: Do you even care? – Tu t’en fous?
  3. Je me casse. – Sometimes this expression can be seen as severe rude on attitude since it’s a very strong way to say “I’m getting out of here.” or “I’m leaving.”
  4. Le truc! – “The thing!” It’s a very dynamic word that has the great power to refer or even name various objects or emotions passing the level of what you don’t know. “Cette truc c’est que…”– “ The thing is that…”
  5. Être con comme un balai! – An expression that has the power to refer to an idiot in a quite humorous but slight rude way: “As dumb as a broom”.
  6. Péter un plomb! – You know when you see someone borderline to go mad? They are going to “ Péter un plomb” that is, one way to say they are going crazy. They are about to “break a fuse!”
  7.  Yaourter!One of those terms who represent a very specific moment that not all languages portray. You know when you just listen to a song that just makes your head or hips go to the rythim? Even if you don’t know how to sing it you are just there really enjoying the music? You’re in Yaourter mode, which is just feeling the music.
  8.  Râler ­– This term reinforces the act to complain. But it refers to a person or the act of whining all the time.
  9. Beau gosse – Ever see that really handsome young man walking on the street? Well in France he is a “beau gosse”, which translated means a hunk or an attractive looking guy.
  10. Mec/Meuf – The best translation for this term is “Dude” and it’s often accepted feminine term “dudette”. This is something you say to your really nice friends, almost as “bro”.

Now if you want to read some beautiful french words you can check infographic on some of the most beautiful french words.

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