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Average cost of Grammarly Review: $139,95, billed as one payment.

Available in: English

Type of method: Perfect tool for writers, bloggers and students, Grammarly is an App that you can sign up for free but if you’re looking for a wider grammar checker and detailed information about your errors try Grammarly  premium via a subscription that will cost you $11.66 per month, billed as one payment of $139.95.

Grammarly Writing Support

Brief Overview

The company was founded in 2009 created by linguists and language lovers claiming to be one of the world’s most accurate online grammar checker. It improves any text, eliminates grammar errors enhances vocabulary and detects plagiarism.

How Does it work?

After signing in, on the dashboard of this grammar checker you will have two options: you can click on the new document and type your text directly on Grammarly or, by clicking on import you’ll have the chance to upload any document you have created.
After that, Grammarly will flag all your mistakes. No matter what kind of errors you make, Grammarly will spot mistakes related to the contextual spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure and style.
Each error will be given an explanation and an option for you to replace the mistake or improve your text.
Grammarly also supports multiple documents types such as academic, business, blog, medical and so on. It’s up to you to identify them as such.


Grammarly error checker

The #1 Writing Tool

Despite that, you can always add new words to your dictionary and they will be no longer flagged as a mistake.

Grammarly personal dictionary

Probably you have already noticed, that there are slight differences between the American and British writing system. You don´t need to worry more about that as you have the option to choose the language you are going to write in. Just choose the American  English or British English rules and Grammarly will check the errors in the target language.

American English or British English Grammarly

 Who is Grammarly Good For?

Is English your native language but you don’t write that often?
Are you planning on starting a blog but you don´t feel the confidence enough to start writing?
Do you want to write a book? Grammarly is the perfect tool as it will help you check for grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes faster. If English is your first language, Grammarly is a useful tool because it will teach the finer points of grammar.

But, if English is not your first language, Grammarly will help you too.
Are you learning English and need extra help to write that essay? Grammarly will help you by flagging your mistakes and giving you options to correct them.

Useful features

You will receive feedback from every single work made through Grammarly. One of Grammarly’s unique feature is the personal writing handbook. It tracks your scores of every document and provides a detailed report of your personal strengths and weakness. This is a great way for you to know how much you’ve improved.

Grammarly – Free vs. Premium Version:

Grammarly offers you two different packages. One is the free version, and the other  is the premium version that comes with extra features.

After signing up you can continue using the free version or you can upgrade to premium one.
With the Free version, you get a tool that will check for 100 points of grammar, contextual spelling, and punctuation errors. Though it is free, it will work anywhere on the web as long as you use the Google Chrome, Mozilla or Safari browser with the extension installed.

The Premium version provides 250 points of grammar, vocabulary enhancement and detects plagiarism.

Good Points 

Rype review Good Points

1. You can sign in Grammarly for free.

2. Excellent online grammar knowledgebase.

3. Useful for non-native English speakers and English students.

4. Grammarly won the Top TenReviews Gold award, with a rating of 8.88 in the 2013 Best Online Checker comparisons and reviews.

5. Gives more confidence to students and writers when writing a paper or essay.


Bad Points 

Rype App review Bad Points

1. This app doesn´t replace a teacher or a proofreader

2. You may find a bit expensive paying $29.95 per month

3. Accessibility: Users can only access Grammarly if they have an internet connection.

The #1 Writing Tool
What about you? Did you try it already? What do you think about it? Do you find it useful?

Leave your comment below and let us know.




It's a perfect tool to improve your English grammar and avoid common mistakes.


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  • albertde

    Look, I am a multilingual person writing emails in English and French and sometimes in Dutch and Grammarly is worse than useless. It is nice theoretically in English but doesn’t recognize Canadian spelling conventions. Once installed, my browser dictionaries and spell checking are gone for French and Dutch. It is not software for persons wanting typos checked in languages other than English.It is only good for monolingual English writers. It is not for this blog’s audience.

    • Naresh Kuppuswamy

      Did you even read the blog, it clearly says its only for English. And one point even mentions that one needs to choose between American (which is obviously the one from the US) and British english. Also Lingoholic is a website for languages, but its impossible to focus all the posts on all the languages of the world. Such a post is not just hard, but impossible to create.

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