How to Register on My Languages Map

Hi, There! 🙂

If you know how wordpress registration process works, click here.

If you are having troubles or some kind of difficulties to register, just follow me 😉

Step 1

When you click on the Register Button =>, it opens the current page:

Write on the text box your username and your email, then click on Register (The Blue Button).

my language map register

Step 2

After clicking on the blue button, you receive a message under the second box.

The message says: “Registration confirmation will be emailed to you.”

my languages map registration

Step 3

Go to the email that you´ve  inserted and click on the first link to confirm your subscription on our page!

confirm registration my languages map

Step 4

You will be given a safe password however you can reset it.

The click on the address brings you to our backoffice, and you are almost ready for action 🙂

my language map register

Step 5

Here you can edit or complete your profile and change your password as many times as you wish!


Step 6

Click on My Language Map on the left sidebar and It will appear all the options for you to choose your skills! What are you Waiting for?

Start building your map!


Step 7

Click on Choose one Language and it will appear a list with all languages in the world! Pick One!


Step 8

Then choose your Skill Level!


Step 9

Click on the Submit Button and Magic will happen 🙂

my language-maps lingholic

Step 10

Afterward share it on Social Media or on your Blog to show your friends and the world your native language, the languages you speak, the level you are as well as the languages you want to learn and who knows to ask for a Christmas gift to learn a new language! Oh, we love it, don´t we?

languages-map lingholic