Languages Facebook Pages Weekly Ranking

And what is it?

We love Language pages, even more, when they’re full of funny posts! Imagine having access to the best posts of language pages ever, just at the distance of a click. That’s it!We went through Facebook Language pages, gathered all the information and came up with the best pics of each one.

How it works?

Every week we will share with you the the top 10 Facebook language posts. This ranking is based upon Social Interactions*. meaning: the number of Likes, Shares, and Comments concerning each social page Fans.
For instance, ‘ Lingholic Facebook page ‘ has got 38k fans which mean 100%. They had a total number of 2k interactions meaning that 5,6% of their public has interacted to their post. Got it?
Yes, we are nosey, and you’re too. Don’t delay any longer and have a look at our best pics from this week.