Lingholic’s Languages Map Tool

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What’s the purpose and why should you get your own map?

–  To have a clear idea of where each language is spoken: For instance, many people don´t know that English and French are spoken all across the world
–   Make up your mind about your next holidays’ destination!
–   Show off your languages ability to your friends and family in social media.
–   Excellent warm-up activity for your not-want-to-learn-English-Students ( Spanish or French also work very well visually )

We all know how difficult it is to put pedagogy together with ludic in the language learning world.

How it works?

It’s very simple, register, access “My Languages Map” Menu, choose the language and your level, hit Submit and voilá your map is created and ready to share with the world! Takes less than one minute.

If you need, we have a detailed document about the register process here.

You can access our demo map here, from there you have links to create your own map if you want to.

Don´t forget to send us your impression and if you have any suggestion or ideas just drop me a line, and I’ll be glad to discuss it with you.

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