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Here are some of my favorites quotes. They mostly apply to learning and motivation, and some of them specifically apply to language learning. The page will be edited and quotes might be added/subtracted every now and then. If you would like to share some great quotes that you know on […]

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Lingholic’s Languages Map Tool

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click here to visit our demo map   What’s the purpose and why should you get your own map? –  To have a clear idea of where each language is spoken: For instance, many people don´t know that English and French are spoken all across the world –   Make […]

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European Language Proficiency Levels

By Lingholic / December 20, 2016 / 0 Comments
My language Map

Learning languages is an obviously advantageous thing to do. With the process, you are getting more and more proficient at that language. So in order to find out how far you have come, how fluent you have become and what achievements you have gained while learning, a language proficiency level […]

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Learn Chinese in 5 minutes

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Have you ever heard someone say  “it’s almost impossible to learn Chinese” or “Chinese is too hard, I can’t learn it” ? Chinese is vastly regarded as one of the hardest languages to learn, but the best way to practice is by starting simple conversations! Here are some basic phrases […]

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Another Word For Learning

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You will find here a bunch of useful choices for the word learning, split into two groups: simple and advanced. The More Common and Easier Words   Education “The boy’s education is outstanding”. To put it simply, education is the skills earned through a school, for example. If you attend […]

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