How to Learn a Foreign Language From Scratch, Part 2/2

Interview with Luca Part 2

[interview video below]

Welcome to Part 2 of the interview with polyglot Luca Lampariello on “how to learn a foreign language from scratch.” If you’ve missed Part 1, click here to watch that video first.

In this interview, I asked Luca the following questions:

  1. How do you learn a language from scratch, starting virtually with nothing? Most people don’t make it past a beginner stage. How can you become a successful language learner and become proficient in a foreign language even when you have absolutely no prior knowledge of the language and its associated culture and history?
  2. Do you think it’s important to know the culture of the people that speaks your target language? If so, to what extent? What, in your opinion, is the relationship between language and culture?
  3. I’ve been waiting for your book to come out for quite some time, and I’m really excited about it as I’m sure it will contain a lot of priceless information, and I know you’ve spent a lot of time researching and writing it. When do you plan on publishing it?

I hope you’ve enjoyed the interview, and don’t forget to leave your comments or questions below!